How To Pitch To A VC In One Minute

Tonight I spent my evening at the Funding Post event listening to 148 pitches in a matter of four hours. I heard good pitches, funny pitches and awful pitches.

A few things to consider when pitching a VC at an event like this:

  1. Do your homework…. don’t wait in line to talk to someone who has never invested in your space.  i.e. we must have had 15+ people with medical devices waiting 30 minutes to pitch up, we have never don’t medical devices are probably won’t start tonight.
  2. Know your goal… When you have less than a minute to pitch someone in a crowded environment your goal is to impress them enough that they remember you when and want a follow up.  Once they have said follow up with me, mission accomplished, no need to talk further!
  3. Use Plain English…Don’t waste your time with a sentence full of buzz words, chances are we won’t understand what it is you are saying and you will just look silly!
  4. Be able to explain your business in one sentence.
  5. Pitch your idea and that’s it… don’t start talking about market size, competition or team.
  6. If you have a physical product, show it.  If you can quickly demo it on an phone or table, do it!

Oh and use mouthwash! 

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