'The Art of the Deal' co-author has released documents showing Trump didn't even like the title

Donald Trump Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s 1987 memoir, ‘The Art of the Deal’, is often cited by the Republication presidential candidate as proof of leadership prowess.

Trump has compared it to the Bible, saying ‘The Art of the Deal’ is his second favourite book.

But Tony Schwartz, who co-authored Trump’s bestseller, has become an increasingly vociferous critic of the man he ghost wrote the book for 30 years ago.

Ten years after writing ‘The Art of the Deal’, having spent 18 months shadowing and interviewing Trump, his family and close associates, the former New York Times journalist went on a spiritual quest to write ‘What Really Matters: Searching for Wisdom in America’, a sort of post-Trump cleansing.

At the time he said “I am dreaming that this whole country takes the escalator down, leaves the golden tower and the moral bankruptcy of DJ Trump”.

Now Schwartz claims Trump has “the ability to end civilisation as we know it” and the prospect of him becoming president is “terrifying”.

Schwartz, CEO of the Energy Project consulting firm, feels remorse for his role in helping create the Trump mythology, and on the weekend, took another step in debunking the real estate mogul.

Over the weekend, he posted a copy of a letter to publisher Random House as ‘The Art of the Deal’ was being readied for publication. It carries Trump’s own hand-written note that the title was a “bad name”.

Schwartz also had plenty more to say about the book and his subject in an interview with Frontline here.

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