The Art of Stealing

Former Ohio State Buckeye quarterback Art Schlichter, 50, is under investigation for running an alleged ticket scheme victimizing dozens of investors for over one million dollars to presumably fund his gambling addiction. Schlichter and Anita Barney, wife of Wendy’s co-founder Robert Barney, would promise investors exclusive sporting event tickets, to include this Sunday’s Super Bowl, but after multiple payments, tickets were never delivered.

It’s still uncertain about Barney’s knowledge of the scam as she stated she was conned by Schlichter as well. The bilked investors are also going after Barney because she was passing bad checks to cover outstanding debts.

Schlichter is no stranger to the criminal justice system and has sat behind bars in over 40 different prisons for fraud and forgery convictions stemming from gambling problems. A former All-American and a once promising NFL QB is again the subject of another criminal investigation.

This post originally appeared at TheMatadorSports.

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