The Army Is Dumping Its Controversial Sponsorship Of NASCAR


Photo: US Army / flickr

The Army is dumping its NASCAR sponsorship, which has been attacked as wasteful.The Army was a major sponsor of Stewart-Haas racing for years, spending $11.3 million in 2011, according to POLITICO.

Congressmen Jack Kingston (R-GA) and Betty McCollum (D-MN) led the attack on the NASCAR sponsorship. Last year those two proposed a bipartisan amendment to the house budget bill banning military funding of sponsorships for professional sporting events. Kingston said it was “great place to send a signal” about responsible cuts.

Just after the announcement that the Army was dumping NASCAR, McCollum said “the Army made the right move to eliminate a wasteful program and protect taxpayer dollars – which has been my goal all along,”

The move to drop NASCAR is well-timed, tactically speaking.

Representatives from the Department of defence are going to Congress next week to talk about sequestration and defence fiscal responsibility.

The Army’s sponsorship of the Stewart-Haas Racing team would possibly be low-hanging fruit for representatives looking to criticise military spending at a time when massive defence cuts are coming in. 

The Army National Guard will maintain its sponsorship of Dale Earnhardt Jr. 

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