rumour: Not One, But TWO Crazy Los Angeles Mansions Are On Sale For $150 Million

For anyone who thinks the luxury real estate market in California is in peril, just take a look the wealthy neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Not one, but two properties in the area are reportedly being shopped around with $150 million price tags.

Today celebrity real estate blogger the Real Estalker reported that billionaire widow Dawn Arnall was quietly shopping her spread, called Owlwood, for that amount. And just last week, the same blogger reported that real estate tycoon Jeff Greene was rumoured to be listing his Beverly Hills Palazzo di Amore for the same amount.

Arnall’s Owlwood is a 9.83-acre estate that is reportedly one of the largest in the area. The house, which once belonged to Sonny Bono and Cher, spans 12,000 square feet. The Hollywood Reporter reported in 2010 that the home had an indoor swimming pool and “gold bathroom-sink fixtures.”

Greene originally bought his 25-acre estate for $35 million. He later put another $15 million in renovations into the home. It has 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms over 43,000 square feet, which includes a a 6,000-square-foot ballroom.

The homes aren’t officially listed, but we grabbed some aerial screenshots from Bing Maps to give you an idea of what a $150 million pad could look like.


owlwood estate $150 millionThe Owlwood estate is on sale for $150 million.

Photo: Bing Maps


jeff greene $150 million estateJeff Greene’s $150 million home.

Photo: Bing Maps

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