The Architect Who Didn't Like Sydney Crown's Proposals Does Not Like Echo's New Plans Either

Getty/Brendon Thorne

Echo Entertainment and James Packer’s Crown have been at each other’s throats, pushing their respective plans to develop prime waterfront on Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

When Crown released artwork of three options submitted by architecture firms, the designer of Echo’s Star casino said Packer’s plans would have looked more at home in Macau, according to the AFR.

Now, he does not like Echo’s plans either. Especially the bridge that would potentially connect The Star to a new development, which Echo is hoping the NSW Government will let it put up at Barangaroo.

“I think the grossest part of it is the bridge. Keep to your own turf. Don’t take up the waterways,” said Cox Architecture founder Philip Cox, in an article in today’s AFR.

“vulgar Americanism” is another term he used, according to the Fin, to describe parts of the proposed Echo design.

In another article out this morning in the Sydney Morning Herald, Echo Entertainment chairman John O’Neill accused James Packer of trying to trick the public over his proposed ”VIP-only” casino, suggesting it could be open to customers betting as little as $10.

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