The Apps Snapchat's Founder Uses To Fight Boredom

Evan Spiegel SnapchatVideo screengrab/AllThingsDEvan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat

What does the CEO of Snapchat, the
world’s hottest photo-sharing app, have downloaded on his iPhone?

Evan Spiegel, 22, showed Vanity Fair a screen grab of his home page. On it, there are some unusual apps.

There’s Tweetbot, to help him scour Twitter better, Uber, for zipping around Los Angeles, Google Maps, and Google Authenticator, for double verification of Google accounts. Those are pretty normal.

For chatting, he has a slew of messaging services including group texting service GroupMe, Tango for voice and video calls, cross platform messaging service Whatsapp and Skype. Those are also pretty normal.

More surprisingly, there’s another LA-based consumer app on his phone, Tinder. Tinder is like hot-or-not for people around you based on their Facebook profile pictures, and it has experienced explosive growth over the past year. Spiegel is either finding dates on it or scoping out competition.

His job is busy and has him flying all over, so Spiegel also has a lot of apps to fight boredom. He recently paid for JetLag Geniue to help him recover from jet lag. When he needs a laugh, he opens Instant Buttons, which make noises when pressed. Lumosity is an app with brain teasers that “make him smarter” in his downtime. He also uses a DJ app, Crossfader.

Although he’s a young, recent graduate, he asks his younger sister which apps she uses to stay up to speed. One on her radar is “Can I” Spiegel thinks the vertical search engine for videos is “genius.”

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