The Apple Store Is Down!

Here we go… Apple has taken down its online store to update inventory, in the hours leading up to today’s big iPad unveiling in Cupertino.

Here’s what Apple’s website says when you try to access the store.

Apple temporarily takes down its store before all its major product announcements; it did the same thing last month before it unveiled the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch.

For today’s event, we’re expecting Apple to unveil two new iPads — the iPad Air, and iPad mini 3, which were both leaked by internal documents on Wednesday — as well as a new 27-inch iMac with a Retina display.


Apple will also likely announce the launch dates for OS X Yosemite and Apple Pay, its new desktop operating system and mobile payments system, respectively. And maybe, just maybe, the company will address the Apple TV, which hasn’t seen a meaningful upgrade since 2010.

Apple might announce a large 12.9-inch iPad and a 21-inch Retina iMac as well, both those products aren’t expected to launch until next year.

Apple will live stream today’s event, and we have instructions on how to do that here. Otherwise, follow Business Insider’s live blog today to watch all the big announcements as they happen.

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