THE APPLE INVESTOR: Apple Is Winning The Mobile Platform War In The Enterprise

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Markets were up in early trading after a rocky start, but began diving by midday. Shares of AAPL are up big after last week’s sell off post-earnings. Investors remain focused on the revamped iPhone 5 launch in the fall; iPad adoption and the rumoured launch of a smaller version; market share growth of the Mac business lines; the introduction of the anticipated Apple TV set and related products; and evolution of platforms such as Siri, iAd and iBooks. Shares of Apple┬átrade at 9.6x Enterprise Value / Trailing Twelve Months Free Cash Flow (including long-term marketable securities).

Which Mobile Platforms Are Winning In The Enterprise? (BI Intelligence)
The iPhone started off as a consumer device, but as people began bringing them to work, and Apple and third-party vendors started adding necessary support for email and device management, it has become widely accepted at many enterprises. Android phones and the iPad are following the same path. Statistics from Good Technology, show that the iPhone makes up between two-thirds and three-quarters of corporate deployments, with Android taking up most of the rest. With tablets, the iPad is totally dominant today in the enterprise.

Apple Talks With Twitter Ended With No Investment (Business Week)
Apple isn’t currently in talks with Twitter about investing in the operator of a micro-blogging service, according to two people familiar with the matter. The companies were in discussions more than a year ago and talks ended without an agreement, said one of the people, who asked not to be named because the deliberations were private. The two held talks in recent months about Apple making an investment in the hundreds of millions of dollars, valuing Twitter at more than $10 billion.

iOS Continues To Reign As The Developer Platform Of Choice (Business Insider)
Despite the explosive growth of Android’s market share, it hasn’t won over developers. In fact, developer interest in Android has been in decline for a year now, according to the latest report from Appcelerator / IDC. “The recent erosion in developer interest in Android appears to have been arrested,” but it sure doesn’t look like it. Two reasons the decline has slowed down is the huge growth of Android handset sales coupled with Google’s “Play” store, which developers hope will rival iTunes.

Apple Going After Kodak Patents Along With Microsoft And Google (WSJ via Neowin)
Microsoft and Apple are amongst one of the groups aiming to claim Kodak’s patents. They are joined by the patent-aggregation firm Intellectual Ventures Management. The other group consists of Google, Samsung, LG and HTC along with another patent-aggregation firm, RPX Corp. Kodak’s patents are being sold in two different lots. One of them deals with digital capture software and technology and the other lot has all of Kodak’s patents dealing with storing and analysing images. Combined, the patents could be worth up to $2.6 billion.

Apple Sells 2 Million Copies Of Mountain Lion In 2 Days (Redmond Pie)
OS X Mountain Lion, Apple’s most recent operating system for the Mac, has sold in excess of two million copies in just two days, according to estimates. That is on par with the release of OS X Lion last year, which shifted 1 million copies in its first 24 hours. Apple will undoubtedly come through in the next few days / weeks to offer the world a more accurate figure, but it’s certainly a promising start. UPDATE: As is the case, Apple has sold 3 million copies in 4 days.

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