THE APPLE INVESTOR: Apple Heating Up The Enterprise According To New Studies

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AAPL Up As Market Slides
The market is heading south as core U.S. GDP slowed in the fourth quarter. Shares of AAPL, however, are up in a bumpy tech tape. Investors will continue to be focused on iPhone adoption; update to the iPad; market share growth of the Mac business; further penetration in China and emerging markets; the evolution and potential re-conception of Apple TV; and platforms such as Siri, iAd, iBooks and social (Ping). Shares of Apple trade at 7.8x Enterprise Value / Trailing Twelve Months Free Cash Flow (including long-term marketable securities).Mobile Enterprise Study Finds Apple Beating Android (AppleInsider)
Enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology reported that iPad accounted for 96% of tablets and iPhone 53% of smartphones activated by the more than 2,000 companies in the fourth quarter, giving iOS a 71% share of all mobile devices in the enterprise. That is up from 69% from a year ago. Good said Android activations had initially gained some ground in October but “trailed off as activations of the iPhone 4S rapidly ramped up.”

Nearly 50% Of Businesses In North America And Europe Now Support The Mac (Venture Beat)
The myth that Macs aren’t welcome in the enterprise appears to be finally dying out, according to Forrester. The company reports that 46% of businesses in North America and Western Europe now issue Mac computers. Those employees receiving Macs tend to be “senior in rank, higher paid, younger, and in emerging markets,” and managers are much more likely to have Apple products than regular employees. In terms of the iPad, 27% of companies support it while 37% of companies support the iPhone. Forrester believes Microsoft’s dominance in the enterprise is quickly coming to a close.

Apple Maintains Dominance Of Tablet Market (AppleInsider)
A new report from Strategy Analytics shows that global shipments jumped up to an all-time high of 27 million units during the fourth quarter, up 150% from 10.7 million in the year ago quarter. Shipments of 15.4 million iPads in the fourth quarter of calendar 2011 gave Apple a commanding 58% of the market, while Amazon’s Kindle Fire helped heat up Android tablet shipments to a record 39%.

Nine In 10 iPhone Buyers Choosing The iPhone 4S (All Things Digital)
Apple sold some 37 million iPhones in its most recent quarter. Turns out most of them were the iPhone 4S according to a recent consumer survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). iPhone sales in the U.S. have favoured the 4S above all other models since the device’s launch, despite compelling pricing for the iPhone 4 and 3GS. The 4S to account for 89% of iPhone sales since its debut, while the iPhone 4 and 3GS accounted for 7% and 4%, respectively.

81% Of All AT&T Smartphones Sold During The Holidays Were iPhones (Gizmodo)
AT&T sold a record setting 9.4 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2011. And 7.6 million of those 9.4 million were iPhones. That’s a ridiculous 81% of all AT&T smartphones sold. That’s only 1.8 million phones left to split between Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. That’s nuts. AT&T also said that “the majority” of the 7.6 million iPhones sold were iPhone 4S, validating results of the CIRP study (above).

Apple Building Universal Remote According To New Patent (AppleInsider)
Apple has shown interest in building a new, simplified remote control that would automatically control a variety of devices. The concept was revealed this week in a new patent application, entitled “Apparatus and Method to Facilitate Universal Remote Control.” It describes a touchscreen-based controller that would reduce the confusing clutter found on current universal remotes. With all the talk surrounding the rumoured television set, it’s exciting to see some concrete evidence that Apple is working on stuff for the living room.

MacWorld / iWorld 2012: What You’ve Got To See (Cult of Mac)
Even thought Apple hasn’t been affiliated with the conference since 2009, it’s still fun to see the gadgets and hear the trends. There seems to be a larger focus on music this year, with the Music Experience making its debut. The Tech Talks as a whole are extremely popular, and some of this year’s highlights include: The Making of South Park and Apple in Life & Death: The REAL CSI.