The Apple Credit Card, iOS 6, And More rumours/Wishes

At least once per month a reader asks me if Apple has a credit card of its own — Sony, Best Buy, and many other firms have their own branded credit cards, so why not Apple? 

Right now, however, Apple has no such card. If you plan to make a big purchase at the Apple Store, I’d recommend you use a credit card with serious cash back rewards, air miles, or at least 0% intro APR so that interest charges don’t accrue. (See my favourite new card offers right here.)

The Apple Store does have, however, the “Financing Visa Card from Barclaycard,” which offers customers no interest on their initial Apple purchases over $999 if paid in full within 12 months (and if paid in full within 6 months for purchases under $999).

It’d be amazing if Apple at this year’s WWDC announced their own credit card, or better yet, Square integration right into iOS 6 for small business owners. No one is saying this will be a feature; it’s just a fantasy of mine.

Speaking of the WWDC 2012 rumours, however, there are some more credible predictions that are noteworthy:

– iOS 6, the company’s newest mobile operating system for iPad and iPhone, is expected by some to have deep Facebook integration. (Think how iOS 5 included the built-in ability to publish photos and such on Twitter.)

– Possible enhancements to Apple’s iCloud service.

– New Maps. “Instead of Google, Apple will rely on mapping databases that it has developed thanks to acquisitions of at-least three mapping firms. The new iOS 6 Maps application runs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and the design features a new silver-interface,” 9to5Mac reported.

– Speaking of credit cards and Apple, there are heated rumours of a new in-house app (which could be called “organise”) that would allow iPhone users to store all kinds of info, including their credit card accounts, digital coupons, flight information, etc. 9to5Mac is “not sure if organise will be announced with iOS 6 at WWDC, or if it is a future App Store app from Apple, a future iOS enhancement, or something scrapped all together.”

What else might be revealed at WWDC 2012? Feel free to speculate in the comments section below, or hit me up on Twitter.

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