The AOL-TechCrunch Deal Is Proof That Blogging Creates Real Value

rocket launchGoing, Going, Gone.

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TechCrunch getting acquired by AOL is pretty interesting to me. I mailed the team earlier today to congratulate them on their accomplishment, but I thought I’d blog a few thoughts too.I’m excited about the deal. It’s a huge validation for our industry that cements my convictions: Blogging creates real value. It makes an impact on people’s lives. I’m glad AOL understands and rewards that value creation.

But I’m excited in general right now.

Mashable is on a tear. We just opened a new HQ in NYC—suddenly we have an entire floor to ourselves. That’s in addition to our SF office and team members across the US and Europe. There’s more than 30 of us, and growing.

At 9.7 million uniques/month, we’re the leader in our space.

Yet the office itself is half-empty. We have a lot of desks to fill. Fortunately we have a stream of talented journalism grads and media veterans stepping forward to join the charge.

That’s how I feel about the market, too. Lots of empty seats. Limitless untapped potential. We’re large by the standards of a blog. But by mainstream media standards? Tiny. It’s a gap we plan to close—and do so under our own steam.

Who’s left to swing for the fences? Who’s going to achieve the escape velocity required to reach beyond our insular technology community and build a truly mainstream publication?

We’re not tired in the slightest. We have the youthful naivety to believe we can go mainstream—and the stamina to achieve it.

This article original appeared at Unmashed and is republished here with permission.

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