The Animal Justice Party just took the final seat in the NSW upper house

Taronga’s Chimpanzee. Photo: Getty Images

The Animal Justice Party, which was left off nearly 20,000 online ballot papers, has won the final seat in last month’s NSW election.

Mark Pearson, a former psychiatric nurse who campaigned against sheep mulesing and kangaroo meat exports, won the upper house seat.

Electoral officials formally declared the 21 of the 42 seats which were being contested. The Coalition has 20, Labor 12, Greens 5, Christian Democrats 2, Shooters and Fishers 2 and Animal Justice Party 1.

Christian Democratic party leader Fred Nile holds the balance of power. His two seats in the legislative council will be important to the re-elected government of Mike Baird as it tries to pass its partial privatisation of the state’s electricity network through parliament.

Earlier this week, it seemed as though the No Land Tax Party looked set to take the last seat in the NSW upper house.

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