'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Director Tweets First Photo From Set

It’s official! Production on “The Amazing Spider-Man” sequel has begun.

Director Marc Webb tweeted the following in celebration of the first big day:

People are most surprised that from the looks of the photo, the film appears to be shot in 35mm instead of digital.

This comes as a surprise considering the first film was shot in digital. Since the film is planned for a 3D release, that means that when all is said and done the film will have to be converted to 3D. 

In addition to Andrew Garfield reprising his role as Peter Parker, Jamie Foxx and Paul Giammatti are joining the cast as villains Electro and the Rhino.

“The Descendants” actress Shailene Woodley is joining the cast as Mary Jane Watson while Felicity Jones is starring in a still unspecified role.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” sequel is set to film in New York City later this month.

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