The Amazing Life Of Diana Jenkins

Diana Jenkins

Diana Jenkins, the wife of former Barclays man, Roger Jenkins, is best known for being the super hot lady half of the “Posh and Becks” couple of international finance.

That’s unfair, because she has lived an incredible life.

She’s entrepreneurial, a philanthropist, and she once she escaped Sarajevo on foot.

The amazing life of Diana Jenkins >

She paid her way through City University

It was through London's City University that Diana met Roger Jenkins. He was teaching at the school when the two met at a gym nearby the campus.

Later, Diana earned honours degree in computer science. She already had earned a degree in economics and social engineering from the University of Sarajevo years earlier, before she escaped.

She went to Haiti for two weeks to help the country recover from the earthquake

Her experience in Bosnia provides insight into what's needed now and the difficulties of long-term rebuilding.

In the days after the Haiti earthquake, she spent two weeks on the ground in Port-au-Prince delivering aid and supplies to thousands of displaced families.

Then she wrote 3 articles about how the US should help Haiti more

Diana wrote about Haiti for an article on the Huffington Post, 'US Should Go Slow On Haiti Troop Withdrawal.'

She writes, 'Already, the number of troops has dropped by roughly half from its post-quake peak of 20,000. But for Haiti to have an honest chance of rebuilding, U.S. troops will be needed for much longer.'

She also wrote these two stories: Among The Building Blocks In Haiti: Tetanus Shots and Prosthetics; and Don't Let Haiti's Natural Disaster Become A Man-Made Tragedy.

She's a human rights activist

She established the Sanela Diana Jenkins International Human Rights Law Program at UCLA Law School, which works closely with international prosecutors to bring war criminals to justice.

Read more about the program on UCLA Law.

And a fundraiser

She's an active fundraiser for both the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Clinton Foundation.

She's businesswoman, too, a partner in a swimwear company

Diana is partners with swimwear designer Melissa Odabash.

And she started a healthy fast drink company

She created and established Neuro, a fast-growing drink company that offers a range of healthy, natural beverages designed for active lifestyles.

There's Neuro Sport, Neuro Bliss, Neuro Gasm, Neuro Aqua, Neuro Trim, Neuro Sleep, and Neuro Sonic.

But she still makes time for her native country

Diana's charitable organisation, the Sanela Diana Jenkins Foundation, is the largest of its kind in Bosnia and provides essential funding for hospitals, schools and roads.

On the foundation's website, she writes, 'My message, and the driving force of this foundation, is simple: The world must not forget Bosnia.'

Just last week, she bailed out former Bosnian vice president Ejup Ganic

Last week, Diana provided bail for former Bosnian vice president Ejup Ganic, who was jailed in the UK on a Serbian extradition warrant for alleged war crimes.

She says the accusations against Ganic are false.

Read more on the Telegraph.

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