The ALP is hoping cute cats will help it win the NSW election

The Labor Party is using cute kitten memes to “cat-ch” the attention of NSW voters in the lead-up to the state election.

Luke Foley’s party has posted several cat photos with taglines opposing Liberal plans to privatise electricity and make cuts to health and education.

With the help of Grumpy Cat, the viral internet star, this campaign might not actually be a “cat-astrophe”.

Here are some of the memes on their Facebook page.

On Mike Baird.

On electricity prices.

On TAFE prices.

Grumpy Cat is a popular choice.

On schools.

They have definitely captured the cute factor.

And the cat puns.

Just LOL.

The kitty pics come under Labor's new campaign.

Grumpy Cat wants a plan B.

On national parks.

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