The Alleged Murderer Of Morgan Huxley Became The Prime Suspect After Volentarily Contacting Police

Getty/ General Photographic Agency

Daniel Jack Kelsall became the prime suspect in the murder case of Morgan Huxley after he voluntarily contacted police with information regarding Huxley’s death on September 8.

Fairfax has reported twenty year old Kelsall told police the night Huxley was stabbed to death the pair had been intimately involved but once he left a “young woman” allegedly entered Huxley’s unit.

Police have rejected Kelsall’s version of the events, believing the pair did not know each other and Huxley, who was “popular with the ladies”, had never mentioned having homosexual tendencies, reports Fairfax.

Video footage from the night of the murder shows Kelsall, dressed in his chef’s uniform and carrying a satchel, with Huxley at a set of traffic lights in Neutral Bay. Then no less than 90 minutes later Kelsall‘s satchel was stained with blood, said police in court.

Kelsall was arrested from his family’s home on October 8, exactly one month after Huxley was stabbed in the bedroom of his unit. He will face court next week charged with one count of murder and one of larceny.

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