Gen X and baby boomers present a huge opportunity for online retailers

The conventional wisdom is that teens and millennials drive e-commerce trends. In actuality, a disproportionate share of middle-aged consumers are shopping online.

  • 23% of online shoppers fall between the ages of 35 and 44, while only 18% of the US population is that age.
  • 24% of online shoppers are between the ages of 45 to 54, even though less than 20% of the US population falls between those ages.

In a recent report, BI Intelligence breaks down the demographics of US online and mobile shoppers by gender, age, income, and education, and takes a look at what they’re shopping for, and how their behaviours differ. It’s important for retailers to know who their potential customers are online in order to market to them effectively.

Here are the surprising facts about how e-commerce and mobile commerce habits differ across age brackets:

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In full, the report:

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