The AFL just said you can't separate booing Adam Goodes from racism

Adam Goodes on the burst. Photo: Will Russell/Getty Images

The AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has just called out everyone who says booing Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes isn’t about race.

This afternoon, the Swans gave Goodes a leave of absence for as long has he needs in the wake of the abuse.

Race is central to what’s happening McLachlan said in a statement released on behalf of the AFL Commission, as clubs rally around the Swans veteran and call for an end to the booing by spectators.

Here’s what McLachlan said:

“Racism has no place in our game, and while I respect that people may have different views about what is happening to Adam, it is impossible to separate this issue from the issue of race.

“The booing of Adam Goodes is being felt as racism by him and by many in our football community and as such, I urge our supporters to understand the toll this is having, the message it is sending, and that it does not reflect well on our game.

“Our game has a proud history of tackling racism and vilification, of creating awareness of differences, and of celebrating indigenous culture.

“We pride ourselves on our inclusion, and on our racial and religious vilification policy. This part of our game is both our great strength and our continued challenge, and I ask our supporters to continue on this journey with us.”

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