The Afghan Response To Sunday's Massacre Has Been Peaceful, But The Taliban Has Vowed Revenge

afghanistan daily life, ap, jan 2011

Photo: AP

This post originally appeared at The Christian Science Monitor. Afghanistan has seen its first large-scale response to Sunday’s early hour rampage by an American Army staff sergeant who allegedly left his base and killed 16 nearby villagers

Hundreds of students in the south and east of Afghanistan gathered for peaceful protests to mourn the murder of the villagers and demonstrate against American forces in their country. Meanwhile, an Afghan delegation that included two of President Hamid Karzai‘s brothers and other high-profile officials came under attack during a visit to the site of the murders. None of the delegates were harmed, but at least one Afghan soldier was reported killed.

The attack comes as little surprise, as the Taliban vowed to revenge the “inhumane crime” allegedly committed by the rogue US soldier, but for many observers who’ve been anticipating a violent public response, the peaceful demonstrations represent an unexpected outcome.

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