The ACT Government Told Attorney-General George Brandis It would 'See Him In Court' Over Gay Marriage Laws

Photo: Getty Images

Australian Capital Territory chief minister Katy Gallagher has essentially told attorney general George Brandis to bring it on over proposed laws introduced by her government which would allow gay marriage.

The Federal Government has said it plans to challenge the ACT’s law in the High Court, as it feels marriage regulations should be dealt with by the Federal Government. Gallagher told The ABC Brandis had called her as a courtesy to explain this.

“He gave me a courtesy call yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon to say that he’d received advice,” she told the ABC’s Lateline program last night.

“He asked me not to commence the laws once they’d passed.

“We politely refused and said we would be commencing them and we’d see him in court.”

The ACT Labor government expects to pass its law when the legislative assembly sits next months, which could mean the first gay marriage takes place in the nation’s capital by December.

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