The ACLU Is Going To Help The KKK Fight To 'Adopt' A Georgia Highway

KKKKKK members at a Barry Goldwater rally

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The ACLU apparently isn’t afraid to take on a controversial client.The civil liberties group has agreed to fight for the Ku Klux Klan’s right to participate in a Georgia cleanup program called “Adopt-A-Highway,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday.

“Yes, we are representing them, but we are still working on the strategy,” ACLU Executive Director Debbie Seagraves told the AJC.

Two weeks ago, Georgia’s transportation agency reportedly rejected an “adopt-a-highway” application by members of a local branch of the KKK, a white supremacy group.

Harley Hanson, who dubbed himself the “exalted cyclops” of the local group, promised to deliver six volunteers for roadside cleanup in Union County, Georgia, the AJC reported.

But County Commissioner Lamar Paris apparently doesn’t want help from the controversial group.

“We are fully capable of picking up our own trash,” he told the AJC.

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