The ability to take a loss


It is easy for anyone to be able to embrace victory. It’s another thing to be able to accept defeat and move on. In an industry where you are guaranteed to lose, being able to overcome defeat is an excellent characteristic. Just as in sports, the ability to dust off a loss is

just as vital in trading. There will be times in your trading career where you are going to be done. How you are defined as trader will be how you bounce back. Over the course of the month, I dug myself into a hole being down near $1,000 on the month. Although it may not seem like much, to a new trader being in a whole can be discouraging to say the least. Mentally being down, can cause you to trade recklessly. You could be looking for a home run to get you back to flat. Best piece of advice I can offer is chip away slowly. It will help you to gain confidence again and get you back on track. 


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