The 9 Things Australian Jobseekers Want In 2015

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It’s getting increasingly difficult to find the right talent, the best people to fill a job, according to the recruitment specialist Hudson.

Hudson’s annual Australian survey, the 2015 The Hiring Report, says getting the right person means a competitive offering and a multifaceted sourcing strategy.

The scarcity of talent is recognised by hiring managers, with 90% acknowledging they need to look beyond active job seekers to find the right candidate.

For job seekers, work life balance is the top priority (70%), ahead of salary, career progression and job title in a list of the top nine attributes people look for in a new role.

Hudson surveyed more than 3,000 professionals and hiring managers across Australia.

Source: Hudson

“No longer just a buzz term or the domain of the working mum, work life balance is now fundamental to all Australian professionals and will be firmly on the agenda as we move throughout 2015,” says Hudson Executive General Manager Dean Davidson.

While higher salary came in as the second highest priority (67%), it was followed closely by cultural fit (64%).

“The fact that cultural fit – that feeling of belonging – is so far up the value chain, and is actually the most important factor for senior executives, demonstrates that fitting in and feeling valued are also important priorities for Australian job seekers in 2015,” said Mr Davidson.

Online job boards remain the single most important way to find new talent.

However, times are changing with nearly one-third (28%) of hiring managers saying online job boards are less effective than two years ago.

Employers are increasingly adopting a multi-pronged strategy to secure talent, using recruitment specialists (34%), leveraging personal networks (31%), internal referral schemes (27%) and headhunting (20%).

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