The 9 Funniest Snapchats People Screengrabbed Before They Disappeared

Snapchat is a service that lets users send photos and videos that automatically delete themselves 10 seconds after a recipient opens them.
It’s also a surprisingly versatile tool for people willing to get a little creative with it.

Just as the simple framework of a haiku allows for wonderful poetry to come from a simple three-line stanza, the limit of only having a photo, a single line of text, and a few simple colours to work with has led to some users making some pretty interesting uses for the app.

If you’re looking for a quick laugh, you’re in the right place: We’ve rounded up the funniest Snapchats that people have posted to the web.

One Reddit user went through his physics text book and put captions on its stock photos with Snapchat.

Physics must have him or her pretty stressed out, because the captions are all a bit cynical.

You've probably seen this photo if you hang out on Tumblr or Reddit. It basically started the cat-selfie genre of Snapchats.

As Karma Decay shows, this photo gets posted to Reddit every few months as people try to take credit for it.

It's also the first result that will show up for a Google search for 'cat selfie snapchat.'

As far as we can tell, Deanb1307's post to Reddit was the original source for the photo.

This guy used some impressive footwork to take a picture that didn't look like a selfie.

Come people read books or check emails on the train. Others spend their commute Snapchatting strangers into works of art.

This is why you don't get your parents hooked on popular apps. I'm glad I didn't have to see my dad awkwardly taking selfies when I was growing up.

Make sure you type in your friends's usernames correctly. You don't want to message a stranger by mistake.

Tim Pyatt's Snapchats are famous enough that he had to start watermarking them so he'd get credit when they got picked up on Facebook and Twitter.

The detail in his Snapchat of Walter White from Breaking Bad shows why you need to use Snapchat on a tablet if you want to do something really impressive.

Cringe-worthy PR disasters can be pretty hilarious...

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