The $80 Million Difference Between Shades Of Blue

bing blue

Photo: Bing

The difference between a royal blue and light royal blue is equal to $80 million in revenue for a search engine, according to Paul Ray, a user experience manager for Bing.CNET’s Ina Fried quoted Paul at Microsoft’s developer conference last week. He said the lighter blue that Microsoft previously used on Live Search “lacked a bit of confidence” and the new blue was “worth at least $80 million.”

The deeper blue provokes a stronger reaction from users. This leads to more engagement, clicks, and thus more revenue.

Reacting to this news, Google engineer Michael Lee posted on his Buzz account, “this isn’t rocket science. the old shade of blue that microsoft windows live search used was way too light. i told microsoft that when i worked there too. glad they figured it out 4 years later.”

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