Eight Bizarre Foods That Say "Happy Birthday America"

patriotic food fails

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While it’s ok to be proud of your country this Independence Day, we wouldn’t suggest doing any flag-waving in support of these patriotic culinary gimmicks.It’s straight to the stockade for these cringe-worthy dishes and drinks.

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This post originally appeared at Zagat Buzz.

#1 Rush Limbaugh Sweet Tea

#2 Guy Fieri's Red-White-and-Blue Cocktails

The dudetastic TV host's drink is a step up from Limbaugh's tea in that you'll get a little bit of spark in your Fourth of July beverage.

Even so, Guy Fieri's Red-White-and-Blue Cocktail could use more of a blast. Less reliance on sickly sweet ingredients like watermelon schnapps could yield instant results. Loathe as we are to say it, a PBR might be considered more patriotic.

Source: Zagat Buzz Blog

#3 Stars & Stripes Cake

#4 Barbara Bush's Fried Green Beans

Barbara Bush's Fried Green Beans are served up in a Texas restaurant dubbed Love & War. Does anything say 'Merica more than deep-fried green beans with a splash of teriyaki? Read our lips: 'vegetables + deep-fryer = missing the point.'

Source: Zagat Buzz Blog

#5 Fried Kool-Aid Balls

Sometimes being revolutionary is a good thing. Other times, revolutionary thinking can lead to monstrosities. See communism, facism and fried Kool-Aid balls.

Boiling oil, chemically flavored sugar and flour could be a good start to lots of things. But when you mix them all together? Don't drink the Kool-Aid and for god's sake, please don't fry it either.

Source: Zagat Buzz Blog

#6 Freedom Fries

Toby Keith jumps on the exploitative side of patriotism with his side of Freedom Fries, served at his oh-so-American I Love This Bar chain. Because freedom doesn't truly ring unless you're taking pot shots at other nations with your choice of potatoes.

Source: Zagat Buzz Blog

#7 Easy Patriotic Pie

#8 Obama Sushi

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