These 7 industries have the most graduate jobs right now

Over 180,000 students started a university undergraduate degree in the UK in 2012, meaning all those who did a 3-year course — likely the majority — will just be approaching graduation right now.

Every year there’s a scrum for graduate jobs and many young people don’t even know what they want to do yet. It can be helpful then just to know where the jobs are.

Job search engine Adzuna has crunched through data on thousands of job listings to find out which industries are recruiting the most graduates in Britain right now.

Scroll down to see the 7 sectors currently offering the most entry-level positions.

7. PR, Advertising & Marketing

Number of graduate vacancies: 1,708

Average pay: £25,776

Current vacancy: Graduate PR Account Assistant

Britain's economic recovery is largely down to the drive in consumer spending. So it's no surprise that the industries getting us spending are also hiring. PR, advertising, and marketing also traditionally have well established paths for getting new blood through the doors.

6. Customer service

Number of graduate vacancies: 1,943

Average pay: £26,259

Current vacancy: Graduate Customer Service Executive

The customer service sector is pretty board, partly explaining why there are so any grad vacancies. The industry spans air hostesses to call centre workers and everything in between -- basically anywhere where you're dealing with customers but not directly selling to them.

5. Accounting & Finance

Number of graduate vacancies: 2,937

Average pay: £32,179

Current vacancy: Graduate Tax & Accounting Role

There's only two things that are certain in life -- death and taxes. So, couple that fact with the the City of London's recovery and you've got a hiring spree on your hands. Massive tax and accounting giants like EY, PwC and KPMG continue to hoover up graduates for their training programmes each year.

4. Engineering

Number of graduate vacancies: 4,536

Average pay: £31,558

Current vacancy: Graduate Civil Engineer

The UK suffered from a shortage of STEM graduates -- science, technology, engineering and maths -- so the demand for engineers is often not met by supply. The UK produces an estimated 3,000 engineering graduates a year, but there are around 1,000 more graduate jobs on offer right now than there will be engineering graduates.

3. Sales

Number of graduate vacancies: 4,895

Average pay: £24,620

Current vacancy: Graduate Sales Executive

Like the world of PR, marketing and advertising, the consumer spending revival in the UK has led to growth in sales jobs across the country. In many cases sales positions can be the most junior rung on a company's ladder, which means graduates will often start here.

2. IT

Number of graduate vacancies: 4,895

Average pay: £24,620

Current vacancy: Graduate IT Analyst

The IT industry has the same problem as the engineering sector -- not enough graduates to meet demand. That problem has been made worse by the recent boom in tech startups across the UK, all of whom are looking for developers to help them build the next Uber or TransferWise.

1. HR & Recruitment

Number of graduate vacancies: 5,843

Average pay: £24,485

Current vacancy: Graduate Recruiter

The recent economic recovery has led to a pick up in hiring across multiple industries, particularly investment banking, and this is a boon for recruiters themselves. HR and recruitment are job sectors that often train its staff on the job, so graduate roles are common.

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