The 7 Best Tech Companies For Interns

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If you want to work for one of the big tech giants, it helps if you start as an intern.Which tech companies treat their lowest-level people best?

Job review and career site Glassdoor assembled a list of the 20 best internship programs. The rankings are based entirely on feedback from previous and current interns. Companies were only included if they had received at least 20 intern reviews in the past two years.

Of the 20 best internship programs, seven tech companies were recognised. One even stole the number one spot. Facebook, LinkedIn and Apple didn’t make the cut.

7. Amazon

Company rating: 3.9

Interview difficulty rating: 3.4

Average monthly salary: $5,564 for a software development engineer intern; $3,138 for a financial analyst intern

Intern review: 'Very supportive team mates who helped constantly raise the bar by asking the right questions and putting the foot down at the right time.

6. IBM

5. Cisco

4. Intel

3. Microsoft

2. Qualcomm

1. Google

Now see which tech companies pay their interns absurdly high salaries:

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