The 50 Best Companies To Work For In 2013


Photo: Glassdoor

With their hip cultures, innovative projects, and young talent pool, giant tech companies get a lot of hype as dream places to work. But smaller companies also understand how to attract talent and are stepping up their games with sweet perks, endless room for growth, and appealing mentorship opportunities. recently put out its annual Employees’ Choice Award, which measures employee satisfaction and overall experience at the companies. The list, which is solely based on employee reviews and feedback, measures the top companies to work for in 2013.

For the second year in a row, Facebook held the number one spot on the list.

“I am constantly inspired by the people that I work with everyday,” Melody Quintana, Facebook’s content strategist, told Glassdoor in a YouTube video. “And the calibre of talent all concentrated in one place brings this infectious energy.”

Out of the 50 companies that made this year’s list, 10 companies have made the cut every year since Glassdoor first compiled the list in 2009. The companies that consistently rank as great places to work include Apple, Bain & Company, CareerBuilder, Chevron, General Mills, Google, McKinsey & Company, MITRE, National Instruments, and QUALCOMM.

There are 21 companies that are newcomers to Glassdoor’s list, including In-N-Out Burger, Workday, JetBlue, MasterCard and IKEA.

50. Starbucks

49. Eaton Corporation

48. Turner Broadcasting

47. Intermountain Healthcare

46. Costco Wholesale

45. Boeing Commercial aeroplanes

44. Dow Chemical

43. IKEA

42. SAP

41. Northwestern Mutual

40. Biogen Idec

39. Digitas


37. Fluor

36. MathWorks

35. General Mills

34. Apple

33. Red Hat

32. Hyatt

31. Intel Corporation

30. Agilent Technologies

29. MasterCard

28. JetBlue


26. Orbitz Worldwide

25. Slalom Consulting

24. Trader Joe's

23. Citrix Systems


21. REI

20. Cummins

19. Workday

18. Shell Oil US

17. Akamai

16. Gartner

15. Rackspace

14. LinkedIn

13. Chevron

12. Southwest Airlines

11. CareerBuilder

10. Boston Consulting Group

9. In-N-Out Burger

8. National Instruments

7. Edelman

6. Google

5. M.D. Anderson Cancer centre

4. Bain & Company

3. Riverbed Technology

2. McKinsey & Company

1. Facebook

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