The 5 Things You Need To Know In Mobile

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Why Cross-Screen Marketing Will Be A Game-Changer For The Mobile Industry [REPORT]The question ad buyers have is whether advertising across screens can really help drive forward an overall campaign goal better than TV-only or traditional online campaigns. In other words, is it worth the trouble? A growing number of mobile ad industry companies are arguing that a cross-screen approach integrating mobile is more effective.

In this new report, we analyse the significant opportunities and prospects for cross-screen marketing, and dig into the measurement problem, offering a side-by-side comparison of the different tracking technologies on mobile. Access The Full Report, Charts, and Data >

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2. The Forecast For Google Glass A Gradual Rise To The Mainstream [REPORT]: Google Glass is an attempt to bring smart eyewear to the masses. Google is aiming for an early to mid-2014 debut of the gadget to the general public. Despite the clunkiness and awkwardness of the early beta version of Glass, we think computerized glasses will become a mainstream product – climbing to 21 annual devices sales and a $11b annual market by 2018.

In this new report, we explain the model and methodology behind the forecasts in detail, and analyse each of the key strategic components— price, developer interest, and cultural barriers— that have a significant impact on the market for Google Glass. Access The Full Report, Charts, and Data >

3. U.S Mobile Spend Badly Lags Engagement [CHART]: Mary Meeker gave her latest State of the Web presentation, revealing that mobile accounts for just 3% of U.S. advertising spend, despite a 12% share of media consumption. Access Chart & Data >

4. Q&A With AdColony CEO Will Kassoy: Going Native With Mobile Video Ads: AdColony’s pitch to advertisers: scale, high-quality playback, and no-nonsense metrics. Access Chart & Data >

5. Mobile Accouns For One-Fifth Of E-Commerce Traffic [CHART]: Mobile has nearly doubled its share of e-commerce traffic in the past year. Access Chart & Data >

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