The 5 Fastest-Growing Ad Networks


ComScore has published its monthly list of the top 25 ad networks. The biggest haven’t changed much from last year: AOL’s (TWX) Platform-A; Yahoo (YHOO); Google (GOOG); ValueClick (VCLK); and Specific Media.

But who’s growing fastest of the top 25?

That’d be Turn Inc., with U.S. unique visitors up 121% year-over-year to 134 million; CPX Interactive, up 88% to 130 million; 24/7 Real Media, up 48% to 148 million; Collective Network, up 47% to 130 million; and Kontera, up 40% to 73 million.

Standard disclaimer: This is one list of one metric from one source. And it might not be the best metric: As our commenters point out, this is not the same as saying these companies are the top business successes. Lots of other factors there, including ad rates, margins, etc.

But here’s the top 25, measured in reach, from comScore.

comscore ads april 2009

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