The ‘5 dumbest processes for sign-offs’ and how people can change these actions and improve productivity

Nitro Director of Product Sam Thorpe. Photo: Supplied.

Documents – physical or digital – are an integral part of the daily workings of any business and much time is spent on signing off on these formalities.

Sam Thorpe, Director of Product at Nitro, a document productivity company, told Business Insider there’s an abundant number of time-consuming, redundant processes that people and businesses still practice when it comes to document editing and sign off.

“Document challenges are robbing businesses of valuable time and money,” Thorpe says.

A recent survey of knowledge workers, conducted by Nitro and PDF Association, highlights that more than 80% of workers lose time each day collaborating on documents, wasting on average seven hours a week gathering, consolidating and deciphering feedback; five hours searching for documents; and three and half hours filing them.

We asked Thorpe to outline the 5 most backward processes for document sign-offs he’s encountered and ways in which people can modify their actions and use proper tools and smarter procedures to improve efficiency.

1. The print-sign-scan-send process

The print-sign-scan-send process, which is still practiced by 63% of professionals, tops the list of the most unproductive processes for contract sign-offs. When you adopt a desktop to cloud document productivity solution, you can see immediate ROI. Contracts are signed within minutes as opposed to days, or even weeks! It also enables your team to get on with their job rather than being snowed under by endless paperwork or constantly chasing up pending approvals.

2. Wet-ink signatures

“It’s mind-boggling that close to 60% of professionals are still stuck acquiring wet-ink signatures on approval documents and contracts, when there is easily available technology which enables legally-binding e-signature solutions at a touch of your computer or mobile device.

3. Which version did I sign again?

With editing being the most common pain point for 55% of professionals faced with document challenges, why exacerbate the issue by risking mistakes such as accidentally working on older versions of a document? The best way to remove risk is by editing on the cloud, where your collaborators and you can be confident that you are always working on the latest version of a document, and have a complete, transparent view of comments, feedback and edits in real-time.

4. Forget the postman

Why wait on the postman to deliver important or time-sensitive documents? Just get the deal done by sending documents directly to the intended recipient via the cloud, and receive real-time alerts when the document has been viewed.

5. Outdated security

Simply marking sensitive documents as ‘confidential’ doesn’t cut it anymore. Access modern, easy-to-use security measures such as limiting access to documents with custom passwords, and control actions such as who can view, print or edit documents with a few clicks.

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