The 5 countries with the most top-ranked colleges for business and economics

London School Economics LSE Campus
The London School of Economics Via Flickr

In a new list on the best universities in the world, US News & World Report found the US has the most schools with top-ranked business and economics programs.

American universities dominated US News’ global ranking, with 181 schools making the overall list of 750. For its business and economics ranking, US News looked at 100 universities.

“These subject-specific rankings — which are not of academic majors, departments or specific schools at universities, such as business schools or medical schools — are based on academic research performance in those subjects,” Robert Morse, US News’ director of data research, writes. “We have used various bibliometric measures, including publications and citations, as well as indicators for global and regional reputation in that specific subject.”

Here are the five countries with the most top-ranked business and economics programs, and the top school from each country:

  1. United States (Harvard University)
  2. United Kingdom (London School of Economics and Political Science)
  3. Canada (University of Toronto)
  4. Netherlands (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  5. Australia (University of Melbourne)

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