5 outrageous desserts in London, from a giant cookie pizza to a $130 ice cream cone

  • Business Insider has covered a range of places in London where you can find the best desserts in town.
  • Including places that serve a £99 ($US130) ice cream with 24-karat edible gold to a pizza made of cookie dough.
  • Below are our favourites which you can try out for yourselves.

London has a variety of spots for those that love to dine, especially if you’re a fan of deserts. Here are some of our favourite places to visit for people with a sweet tooth.

What-a-Melon ice cream at Dominique Andel Bakery: This watermelon flavoured ice cream comes served in a real slice of watermelon.

Cookie dough pizza at Blondies Kitchen: This 12-inch treat is the sweetest pizza in town. The vanilla base is covered with Nutella, peanut butter, chocolate chips and sprinkles.

Avocado ice cream at Snowflake: This ice cream looks and resembles the look of avocados. It’s called Avalato and is made from avocados, syrup and lemon juice.

Billionaire’s Soft Serve at Snowflake: Snowflake also serves this £99 behemoth, which has raspberry macarons, edible diamonds and 24-karat leaves and is filled with salted caramel gelato.

Choco Kebab at Flavours Gelato: This restaurant sells a kebab made of white and milk chocolate. The kebab is carved down into thin shavings, which can be served on any dessert of your choice, from ice creams to pancakes.

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