The 5 Australian suburbs with the healthiest eating habits

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The CSIRO, peak science body and developer of the Total Wellbeing Diet, has just released the results of a massive survey into the eating habits of Australians.

And Aussie diets aren’t making the grade with an addiction to junk food to blame, according to the CSIRO Healthy Diet Score Survey of 40,000 people.

Discretionary food, or junk food, intake was found to be three times higher than the recommended daily limit.

Overall, Australia’s diet quality was given a rating of 61 on a 100 point scale when assessed using national guidelines.

The Coffs Harbour/Grafton region in NSW is home to Australia’s healthiest eaters. The region topped the list with a diet quality score of 64.1, three points above the national average.

The average diet quality score for women was 63 compared to 57 for men. The main reason is that women eat more vegetables and less junk food.

Here are the top 5:

  • Coffs Harbour/Grafton 64.1
  • NSW Central West region 63.4
  • South Australian Outback 63.4
  • Warrnambool/South West region in Victoria 62.7
  • The Melbourne Inner East area 62.7

And here are the 5 lowest scoring areas, with the first four from Queensland:

  • Wide Bay 56.4
  • Moreton Bay North 57.0
  • Mackay 57.2
  • Logan/Beaudesert 57.6
  • Blacktown in New South Wales 58

Manny Noakes, CSIRO research director for nutrition and health and co-author of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Online, says the scores are unflattering.

“What we’re finding is people are having larger portions of junk food, more often,” he says. “This type of food is no longer just an indulgence, its become mainstream and Australians are eating it each and every day.”

Comparing the states, Victoria (61.3) narrowly beat out New South Wales (61.1) to receive the highest diet quality score.

Overall, regional areas fared better than big cities.

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