The 30 Least Prosperous Countries In The World

According to Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index, sub-Saharan Africa accounts for many of the least prosperous nations of the world. The rest come from countries rocked by revolution and/or war.

The annual index measures 142 countries based on 89 different economic analysis variables that measure success in industry, education, health, freedom, opportunity, and social capital.

The nations were ranked into the following 4 colour-coded groupings:


Here is what the rankings look like over a 5-year period:

Prosperity gif

Of the 30 nations finishing dead last, 23 of those were African nations. Central African Republic was the last country on the list and Botswana (75th) was the highest ranked country within the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Egypt, which reverted from a fledgling democracy back to military dictatorship this year, joined war-torn countries Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen on the bottom of the list.

Meanwhile, for the sixth year in a row,
Norway is the most prosperous nation in the world and is followed another 18 European nations in the highest tier.

Russia is the lowest ranking country within Europe and Venezuela has dropped the most of any country on the list to the 100th position.

Here are the 30 least prosperous nations (and the full report):