The 3 Highest-Grossing Movies In China Last Year Were American

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“Transformers 3” dominated China’s box office in 2011, grossing a total of $172 million, according to Gravity Group.

That’s over $100 million more than China’s highest grossing movie “Flowers of War,” which brought in $71 million and starred westerner Christian Bale

“Kung Fu Panda” came in second with $95 million and “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” came in third with $73 million. 

However, 2011 was not a bad year for the Chinese movie industry. Gravity Group reported that China produced 588 films in 2011, which generated 53.6 per cent of total revenues at $1.11 billion. The total box office revenue was $2.08 billion, up 28.9 per cent from the 2010 revenue of $1.61 billion.

In fact, China’s box office revenue has doubled since 2009.  

In 2011, China also built 803 new cinemas, adding 3,030 new screens bringing its total number of movie screens to 9,230. Yet, China still has ways to go to compete with US and its 39,233 movie screens.

Take a look at the below graphic:

china box office revenue movies

Photo: Gravity Group Asia

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