The 3 biggest frustrations of Australian job-seekers

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Australian job-seekers get most upset when they put in the time to re-work their resume, research the company they are interviewing for, work out expected questions, get through the face-to-face bit, and then wait. And wait.

The three frustrations of Australian job-seekers about the recruitment process are slow feedback (53%), delayed decision-making from hiring managers (46%) and poor communication (44%).

A poll of 1,000 Australians for specialist recruiter Robert Half revealed the frustrations from the point of view of the job-seeker.

Almost half those surveyed (47%) didn’t get feedback from a potential employer about their performance in interviews and 51% didn’t get anything on the reason why they didn’t get the job.

The kick-on effect from this is that many job-seekers go off a company.

The poll found 43% saying they wouldn’t recommend a tardy company as a potential employer because of this lack of feedback and 38% were willing to withdraw their application if they didn’t get a timely response about the status of their application.

“While multi-stage interviews might be unavoidable, timely communication throughout the application progress is not only key to keeping candidates interested in the role, companies cannot forget that how interviewees are treated during this process can also impact the organisation’s reputation and even business opportunities,” says David Jones, senior managing director at Robert Half Asia Pacific.

“Disengaged job applicants who have had a negative experience with a company are not only likely to withdraw their application, they could potentially speak negatively of the organisation at hand, jeopardising the attractiveness of the company as an employer of choice and even potential business.”

When someone goes looking for a job they apply for more than one to increase their chances of landing a new role.

The poll found that 47% of job-seekers apply for 10 roles or more at the same time.

However, most (97%) of Australian managers say they find it challenging to source skilled talent.

The latest research indicates that more than seven in 10 job-seekers (73%) get multiple job offers, with 38% “often” or “always” getting more than one offer.

“With top skills in short supply recruitment today is a seller’s market, and businesses cannot afford to alienate talent with long, drawn-out interview processes,” says Jones.

“A company’s recruitment process needs to be balanced against the expectations and frustrations of the jobseekers themselves. Companies could well benefit from reviewing and, if necessary, streamlining their application and interview process to ensure that delays and other frustrations are not costing them the best candidates.”

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