The 27 Maps That Explain America

We remain convinced that the best way to explain anything is through maps. They combine the frenzy over data with an instantly recognisable visualisation for how all that data fits.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a new edition of the 27 maps that explain America.

You’ll find pretty much everything in here: Eating and drinking habits, pet ownership, ethnicity, language, and more.

Check it out:

Predilection for passports, by % ownership. Mississippians don't get out too much.

The most overrepresented job in every state. About what you'd expect. Illinois has an inordinate number of groundskeepers.

The most educated states in America. Denver stands out in the West.

Latinos per capita by county. Concentrated along the border and major cities.

Asian-Americans per capita by county. Concentrated on the coasts.

Native Americans per capita by county. Practically absent from the Midwest and Northeast.

Blacks per capita by county. Almost none in the Plains.

Caucasians per capita by county. Sort of the mirror image of the previous map.

Half of America lives in these counties. This one's always amazing to see.

The flip side: Half of America (in green) is uninhabited.

One sociologist's view of America. One could quibble, but not too far off.

The 20 'SuperZipCodes' with the most education, and highest income, in red. Runners-up in yellow.

A different view, showing total billionaires by state. Several have none.

Dog states (in orange) vs. cat states (in purple) by net ownership.

States with the most immigrants and emigrants. Everyone's fleeing the tri-state area.

The most popular band in every state. Arizona what are you doing.

'Y'all' versus all the other ones.

Starbucks locations. Surprising concentration in the South.

States' stances on climate change. Florida what are you doing.

Baseball fan zones by Facebook likes. Has anyone seen Oakland A's fans recently?

Fast food consumption. The darker the colour, the more frequently residents of a state consumed fast food.

Exercise frequency. Sort of the inverse to the previous map.

Cavities per capita. Step your flossing game up, southwest.

The most popular beer in every state. Illinois the outlier.

Wine consumption per capita. New Hampshire what are you doing.

Girls names. Paisley?

Boys names. Ryker?

Now learn about the biggest state (in the lower 48) of all

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