The 25 companies Australians most want to work for

The CBA made the top 3. Photo: Facebook.

LinkedIn has compiled a list ranking the companies Australians most want to work for.

The Top Attractors list was created using a combination of LinkedIn data including new hire staying power, company reach and member engagement.

Among the most sought after companies were KPMG, PwC and Commonwealth Bank.

Australian companies also ranked highly, with five local brands ranked in the top 10:


2. PwC

3. Commonwealth Bank

4. Coles

5. Deloitte

6. Westpac

7. Qantas


9. UGL

10. CPB

According to LinkedIn, the top five things that workers take into account when considering a company are a competitive salary, opportunity for growth, health of the business, whether the commute is short, and whether they like their potential boss.

When asked if they were given an opportunity to work for a leading company in their industry, 78% of workers said they would not tolerate a bad corporate culture and 67% said they would not tolerate a company that didn’t align with their personal values. Over 59% said they would rather tolerate an outdated and uninspiring office space.

And while there is a lot of talk in the workforce around the importance of “culture”, the research shows that 95% of Australians still prefer a bigger salary rather than company perks.

“Our research reveals that 70% of Aussies workers are willing to take a pay cut to work for a company with a mission they believe in and that shares their personal values,” said Jason Laufer, LinkedIn director of talent solutions Australia and New Zealand.

“Building a strong talent brand driven by purpose and showcasing their culture by sharing content through their employees networks is vital to attract the right talent.”

And here’s the rest of the list:

11. Origin

12. Virgin Australia

13. Downer

14. Telstra

15. Macquarie

16. Bupa

17. REA Group

18. Bank of Queensland

19. Vodafone

20. Medibank

21. LendLease

22. AMP

23. Suncorp

24. Woolworths

25. ANZ

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