The 25 Best Places To Work Around The World

Google HQGoogle is #2 this year.


The best companies around the world are places where employees are truly excited about coming in every day.Great Places To Work published its list today of the best places to work based primarily on employee surveys combined with an audit of company policies and practices.

In the past year, these companies created 120,000 new jobs.

“They have developed work cultures that align with their business, encourage innovation and support their employees both personally and professionally, and that accomplishment deserves to be recognised,” Robert Levering, co-founder of Great Place to Work, told us.

Out of the 25 companies on this year’s list, 20 are based in the U.S. and three are from Silicon Valley — Google, Cisco and NetApp.

Microsoft dropped from its top spot, but stayed on the list. Coca-Cola —  ranked #23 in 2011 — dropped from the list and PepsiCo appeared instead.

This year’s newcomers are Accor, General Mills, Monsanto, Ernst & Young, PepsiCo, Autodesk and W.L. Gore & Associates.

25. Mars

24. SC Johnson

23. Quintiles

22. Novo Nordisk

21. Cisco

20. McDonald´s

19. Accor

18. American Express

17. General Mills

16. National Instruments

15. Intel

14. Monsanto

13. Telefónica

12. Ernst & Young

11. PepsiCo

10. Autodesk

9. Diageo

8. W.L. Gore & Associates

7. Federal Express

6. Marriott

5. Microsoft

4. Kimberly-Clark

Headquarters: USA

Employees: 57,929

Why it's great: Before their first days, new hires at Kimberly-Clark receive a welcome package in the mail that contains information about the job and company, an email from their 'Godfather,' or mentor, and a key, symbolic of opening 'the door of the Best Company.

3. NetApp

2. Google

1. SAS Institute

Small companies can be great places to work too:

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