The 25 best-paying small companies, according to their employees


Job-hunting site Comparably, which allows employees to anonymously review and rate their employers, has sifted through its 5 million+ employee reviews to create its annual list of the best paying small companies.

Comparably currently tracks about 10,000 companies, it says.

In order to qualify for this list, Comparably limited the list to companies that had fewer than 500 employees and had at least 15 ratings from employees between September 12, 2017 and September 12, 2018. Please note that the pay data listed below came from information that employees reported to Comparably themselves. And it centered mostly on salaried roles in engineering, product, marketing, design, sales and finance, as opposed to hourly-wage type roles.

In order to rank these companies, Comparably considered both pay and at how satisfied employees said they were with their pay.

The result is this list of the best paying small companies, according to employees.

No 25: AgileCraft, $US105,884


Headquarters: Austin, TX

Median salary: $US105,884

AgileCraft offers project management software.

An AgileCraft employee says, “The best part of our compensation is the total package of salary, bonus, stock and benefits.”

No 24: Wibbitz, $US105,755


Headquarters: New York, New York

Median salary: $US105,755

Wibbitz is a video creation and editing platform.

A Wibbitz employee says, “Besides my above market salary, Wibbitz provides great benefits including healthcare, commuter, 401K and stock options.”

No 23: Billtrust, $US108,706


Headquarters: Fountain Valley, California

Median salary: $US108,706

Billtrust offers cloud-based accounting and financial services software.

A Billtrust employee says, “I think it’s really the total package. Stock options, great healthcare, a quality 401K match, and good pay. There isn’t one thing that makes me say, ‘Yea, it is a good compensation package, buuuttttt….’ Billtrust takes care of its employees.”

No 22: Envoy, $US109,737


Headquarters: San Francisco

Median salary: $US109,737

Envoy offers iPad visitor management software for building security.

An Envoy employee says, “The best part of the compensation package is that Envoy pays 99% of the monthly healthcare cost for myself and my partner (including medical, vision and dental). There are also a ton of bonus perks like monthly Lyft credits, commuter benefits, catered lunches, gym stipend, and fun company events.”

No 21: The ExecRanks, $US110,712

The ExecRanks

Headquarters: Novato, California

Median salary: $US110,712

ExecRanks helps companies hire executives and board members.

An ExecRanks employee says, “It is a pay for performance culture and those that are dedicated are complimented with an increase. They review compensation twice a year. No other company that I have worked at does that.”

No 20: Peerfit, $US110,844


Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

Median salary: $US110,844

Peerfit helps people find and book fitness classes, their employees, and specialises in corporate wellness programs.

A Peerfit employee says, “We have 401K matching and a great health insurance plan, and the unlimited PTO schedule is such an amazing piece of the compensation package.”

No 19. Juniper Systems, $US111,475

Juniper Systems

Headquarters: Logan, Utah

Median salary: $US111,475

Juniper Systems makes ultra-rugged handhelds and tablets.

A Juniper Systems employee says, “Juniper focuses on performance so if the company does well, they pass on better benefits (bonuses and pension contributions) to employees. We have paid time off and a flexible work schedule, health care coverage with no monthly premiums.”

No 18: PeerStreet, $US111,515


Headquarters: Manhattan Beach, California

Median salary: $US111,515

PeerStreet is a crowdfunding platform where investors can borrow against their real estate.

A PeerStreet employee says, “I was given options so I feel I have a stake in the success of the company, but I am also paid a fair salary and performance bonus. It’s a great comp plan.”

No 17: Disruptive Advertising, $US112,425

Disruptive Advertising

Headquarters: Lindon, Utah

Median salary: $US112,425

Disruptive Advertising offers marketing services and software.

A Disruptive Advertising employee says, “I love that I do not need to worry since I have all the coverage I need for medical, and bonuses are fairly given to those who work hard!”

No 16: Pramata, $US113,784


Headquarters: Brisbane, California

Median salary: $US113,784

Pramata offers accounting software that helps companies track revenue and receivables.

A Pramata employee says, “It is very competitive and covers health insurance. Apart from this, other special benefits include team lunch, training reimbursement, subsidized daily meals, free snacks, etc.”

No 15: Cybereason, $US117,645


Headquarters: Boston

Median salary: $US117,645

Cybereason offers computer security software.

A Cybereason employee says, “It’s a well-rounded compensation package that includes a fair base salary, bonuses, office perks (free lunches, snacks, coffee), commuting perks, and health insurance.”

No 14: Pipedrive, $US117,759


Headquarters: New York, New York

Median salary: $US117,759

Pipedrive offers customer support and marketing software.

A Pipedrive employee says, “Really competitive salary. Compensation is great, flexible sick days, 401K, stock options available for all employees.”

No 13: Sauce Labs, $US118,217

Sauce Labs

Headquarters: San Francisco

Median salary: $US118,217

Sauce Labs offers cloud software for testing web and mobile apps.

A SauceLabs employee says, “Very competitive compensation package for the area. Fair salary, great health benefits, equity in the company.”

No 12: Pendo, $US119,652


Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina

Median salary: $US119,652

Pendo helps companies survey customers and track how they are using their web apps.

A Pendo employee says, “My salary is quite generous given this region’s market and my experience. The competitive stock options and unlimited paid time off policy are great, too.”

No 11: Brighterion, $US120,416


Headquarters: San Francisco

Median salary: $US120,416

Brighterion offers big data software that uses artificial intelligence in its analysis process.

A Brighterion employee says, “Free lunches, matching 401K, paid volunteer days, etc.”

No 10: Help Scout, $US121,198

Help Scout

Headquarters: Boston

Median salary: $US121,198

Help Scout offers help desk software.

A Help Scout employee says, “Help Scout executes annual transparent salary comparisons across the market to ensure they are paying people fairly and competitively, plus flexible time off, fully covered healthcare for your immediate family.”

No 9: Drift, $US121,509


Headquarters: Boston

Median salary: $US121,509

Drift is chatbot and interaction technology that allows websites to talk to visitors, answer questions.

A Drift employee says, “They do an audit every year to make sure compensation is on par with industry average. Generous equity to all employees and referral bonus trips.”

No 8: Sitetracker, $US127,547


Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Median salary: $US127,547

SiteTraker offers project management software.

A Sitetracker employee says, “Great combination of cash and equity. The pay is roughly 20% higher than comparable companies.”

No 7: Swift Navigation, $US129,253

Swift Navigation

Headquarters: San Francisco

Median salary: $US129,253

Swift Navigation offers hardware and software that makes GPS positioning technology available to self driving vehicles.

A Swift Navigation employee says, “Generous stock option package, at-market performance-based bonus, and unlimited vacation.”

No 6: Branch Metrics, $US129,908

Branch Metrics

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Median salary: $US129,908

Branch Metrics offers a tool for “deep linking” which adds web-like hyperlinks to mobile applications.

A Branch Metrics employee says, “Compensation is absolutely fair and often above market rate, equity, unlimited PTO, and great benefits.”

No 5: Boostability, $US131,233


Headquarters: Lehi, Utah

Median salary: $US131,233

Boostability provides search engine marketing services.

A Boostability employee says, “I am paid according to my worth. Based on our performance, we are eligible to receive quarterly bonuses.”

No 4: Shipt, $US133,090


Headquarters: Birmingham, Alabama

Median salary: $US133,090

Shipt is an online grocery delivery service.

A Shipt employee says, “Compensation is excellent with unlimited paid time off and paid maternity and paternity leave. Pay is even higher than industry standard and comparable to the national average which is great because Birmingham is so affordable.”

No 3: SendGrid, $US137,451


Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Median salary: $US137,451

SendGrid is an email service for hire that handles things like emailed customer receipts.

A SendGrid employee says, “From financial compensation, to stock options, medical, dental, in-office perks and more — SendGrid goes above and beyond, across the board. The best part? It’s paired with a genuinely amazing and empowering culture — not attempting to mask a poor one.”

No 2: Periscope Data, $US137,902

Periscope Data

Headquarters: San Francisco

Median salary: $US137,902

Periscope Data offers cloud software for doing big data analysis.

A Periscope Data employee says, “Very generous compensation for our stage. They truly evaluate your contributions and compensate accordingly. There’s a commitment here to pay folks equally for equal work, which I really respect.”

No 1: TripActions, $US139,778


Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Median salary: $US139,778

TripActions offers corporate travel management software.

A TripActions employee says, “Even for a smaller company, very competitive with offers I’ve seen with much larger established shops, including Facebook, Salesforce, Google. When I interviewed, TripActions was willing to entertain a discussion around what I thought was fair compensation for my skill level. It felt much more like a conversation than a negotiation.”

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