The 25 Best Jeremy Lin Signs We've Seen So Far

Photo: MSG Network

Maybe the strangest phenomenon of the Jeremy Lin story is the explosion of puns created based on his name. Of course, it all started with “Linsanity” and just took off from there.And in the last two games, one in Toronto and one at Madison Square Garden, the stands have been a sea of Jeremy Lin pun-signs

On the next few pages we will take a look at some of our favourites, and a couple that weren’t that great.

The Jeremy Lin Pun-Signs have hit a fever pitch

On Tuesday night we saw a lot of VaLINtine signs

A lot

It started to get old

But then we saw this one, and it pulled us back in

Of course there were also shirts

And Lin used as an acronym

And variations on the VaLINtine

He will, he will

For some, one sign wasn't enough

Jeremy Lin as Super Mario is a cool idea even if it could have been executed better

The nerd glasses were a nice touch

We never saw what happened to this fan at midnight

Was this sign first used at a KISS concert?

This person apparently didn't get the memo

Simple and effective

All he does is Lin

Another one of our favourites

OK, we might have made this one up

+1 for originality

Aww look, it's cute little animated Jeremy Lins

Of course, some, like ESPN, took it too far

And the Daily News went with Jeremy Lin on the front page...

...and the back

OK, the New York Post probably went too far trying to be different and cute

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