The 25 best-dressed men of 2018

Taylor Hill / WireImageDonald Glover is one of this year’s best-dressed men.
  • INSIDER has decided on its best-dressed men of 2018.
  • The list is full of actors, musicians, models, and anyone who has had an influence on the everchanging winds of men’s fashion.
  • Scroll down to see who made the list and why.

2018 has been a turbulent year in many ways.

With Brexit raging on and the Trump administration continuing to make headlines at a rate of knots, it can be easy to forget the positive advancements we’ve made in society – however small. Culture and, more specifically, fashion is a good place to turn to notice these advancements.

This year has seen the return of ’70s style; bold prints; air ties; turtlenecks; corduroy, and so much more.

As ever, it’s thanks to some very stylish trailblazers that many of these trends have come to the fore.

INSIDER looked over its style coverage from the past year as well as many others’ to decide on its 25 best-dressed men of the year.

Scroll down to see who made the list and why.

25. Tom Hardy

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Hardy deserves a place in this list purely for the outfit above, where he expertly showed how to pull off a monochrome outfit without looking like a noughties-era Justin Timberlake.

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24. Stephen Curry

Tom Pennington / Getty Images

Chef Curry has great taste in wristwear, it turns out.

Curry was spotted breaking traditional NBA style to wear a $US57,000 Cartier watch courtside earlier this year.

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Curry’s elegant timepiece is a refreshing break from the louder timepieces worn by his NBA colleagues, who tend to opt for Hublot Big Bangs, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshores, and garish Richard Milles.

23. Kit Harington

Mark R. Milan / GC Images

Harington relinquished his ‘worst-dressed man’ title this year when he nailed his wedding look.

Previously named GQ’s “worst dressed man,” Harington proved the naysayers wrong with an immensely stylish three-piece morning suit when he married “Game of Thrones” co-star Rose Leslie in June.

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22. Steve Carell

Matt Crossick / PA Wire

Without a word of warning, Steve Carell has transformed into a silver fox.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about his new role as a sex symbol, Carell said in typical good humour: “I am so sick of people just looking at me for my physical attributes.

“It’s just genetic, there’s nothing I can do.”

21. Prince Charles

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Charles turned 70 this year and as his mother’s reign stretches ever further, eyes are turning to the heir apparent.

While Charles’ ruling style remains unclear, what we can deduce is his flawless tailoring, which spans swathes of navies, greys, checks, and creams – all with an elegant Parmigiani Fleurier timepiece sparkling just beneath his cuff.

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20. Rafferty Law

David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images for Kimpton Fitzroy London

Jude Law’s 22-year-old lookalike son Rafferty (or Raff as he is often called) is fast becoming an influential figure in the world of fashion and runs collective Something to Hate On.

He also models for the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, DJs, and plays in a band.

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19. Daniel Craig

Adrian Edwards / GC Images

The “James Bond” actor may be known for his tuxedos, but he’s just as much a master of streetwear as he is bow ties and cummerbunds, as demonstrated by this understated ensemble at JFK airport.

He also showed exactly how to rock a papoose with a weirdly cool gym outfit – a move that was panned by British TV presenter Piers Morgan, who was then roundly mocked by dads everywhere.

18. Benedict Cumberbatch

Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

Benedict Cumberbatch’s penchant for bold oranges earns him a spot in the ranking, although he arguably went too far when he wore a double corduroy leisure suit this October.

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17. Henry Golding

Joe Scarnici / Getty Images for Visit Newport Beach

Nothing about “Crazy Rich Asians” leading man Henry Golding is ordinary (he had no acting credits before the movie, but auditioned because an accountant remembered him as the real-life version of his character).

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In fashion too, Golding has set himself apart from the rest, as he did with this khaki ensemble (pictured). He also happens to be a watch fanatic.

16. Roger Federer


Federer shocked the sporting world this summer when he announced he was swapping clothing sponsors from Nike to Uniqlo in a deal reportedly worth $US300 million.

Surprising though the move may have been, it has paid dividends for his wardrobe, which is now adorned with sleek hoodies, tracksuits, and polos from the Japanese brand.

“I think it’s important to remember the core idea of what tennis [clothing] is; it actually works very well on- and off-court,” Federer rightly told Highsnobiety back in August.

If you want to emulate the Swissman’s on-court aesthetic then you can shop the collection yourself.

15. Michael B. Jordan.

Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

It’s been quite a year for Michael B. Jordan after his seminal role as supervillain Erik Killmonger in “Black Panther” and more recently his second round as Apollo Creed in “Creed II.”

Unsurprising then that Jordan was feeling audacious enough to break one of the golden tuxedo rules last month.

The 31-year-old wore a straight, black tie with his navy tuxedo – and it looked great, as you can see above.

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14. Bradley Cooper

Keith Tsuji / Getty Images

Despite Cooper’s refusal to undo the bottom button on his blazer (a cardinal sin in men’s tailoring) his sartorial elegance and understated street style earn him a place in the best-dressed list.

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13. Cole Sprouse

Phillip Faraone / Getty Images)

Cole Sprouse has finally ditched his shearling jacket and lumberjack shirt tied around the waist for more sophisticated garments like the navy suit above, which he teamed ingeniously with a blood red rollneck for the GQ Men Of The Year Party in Beverly Hills.

12. Chadwick Boseman

Boseman is a strong advocate of the air tie (the trend of wearing a suit with your shirt buttoned up to the top with no tie), and he’s not afraid to rock a bold print either.

His standout fashion moment of the year was his all-white outfit at the Met Gala, which drew comparisons to a religious superhero.

11. Matt Smith

As Prince Philip in Netflix’s “The Crown,” Smith gave a masterclass in acting and style as he took on the rebellious royal. Two series saw Smith jump from decoratively embellished jackets, into co-ordinating safari gear, into boiler suits – and they all looked great.

With a “key role” in “Star Wars: Episode IX” announced, we should be seeing Smith gracing the red carpets with even more great tailoring in the coming year.

10. A$AP Rocky

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

King of the peacocks, A$AP Rocky never fails to make headlines for his fearless outfits.

This year he got people talking about his babushka headscarf, which he wore to the LACMA Art and Film Gala in Los Angeles in November.

“I just wanted to show off my babushka today, honestly,” Rocky told press at the event.

“I thought it was so immaculate. And I feel like I look so handsome right now with the shades on. I’m just encouraging all guys to wear babushkas from here on out. Silk gang, silk city. You know how we do it.”

You do you, Rocky.

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9. Rami Malek

Monica Schipper / Getty Images

“Bohemian Rhapsody” star Rami Malek is a very stylish man indeed.

Esquire hailed him the King of Winter Outerwear when he stepped out in this single-breasted overcoat at the Calvin Klein Collection fashion show in New York, and we can’t blame them.

8. Harry Styles

Scott Barbour/Stringer/Getty Images

Never one to shy away from some bold tailoring, Styles was the face of the second instalment of the Gucci Tailoring campaign this year.

The campaign saw the singer/actor feeding pigs, kissing goats, and holding a lamb across his shoulders – which suitably sent his fans into a frenzy.

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7. Ryan Reynolds

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

There’s an argument to say that Ryan Reynolds could make anything look good, but as it happens, he’s a supremely snappy dresser.

His long-sleeved polo neck and pleated trousers in the photo above are a lesson in how to perfect the tricky smart casual dress code.

6. Dev Patel

Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

While many of those on this list earn their place for their proclivity to bold patterns and colours, Patel does the opposite.

As demonstrated by his rollneck and jacket ensemble above, Patel’s is the kind of understated style that will stay cool for season after season.

The “Lion” actor is also an IWC brand ambassador.

5. David Beckham

Chris Radburn/WPA Pool/Getty Images

David Beckham stealing hearts at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding was one of the internet highlights of 2018.

Never one to forget the basics, though, Beckham also showed us exactly how to rock a plain white t-shirt when he was papped touching down in Tokyo in June.

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4. Timothée Chalamet

Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

One of Hollywood’s most promising young talents is also one of its most fashionable.

Chalamet has yet to sign a deal with one fashion house leaving him free to dip into Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Berluti as and when he pleases

Designer Haider Ackermann – who is responsible for many of Chalamet’s most iconic red carpet looks – told GQ: “Timothée leaves us disarmed by his raw nobility. On the cusp of manhood, he intoxicates us with his effortless elegance.”

3. Donald Glover

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The most overused descriptive for Donald Glover seems to be the phrase: “Is there anything he can’t do?”

Well, if there is, fashion is not one of them.

As Glover swooped in to receive countless awards for his acting, directing, and music making, he was always dressed to the nines in striking colours and a lot of ’70s influence.

Perhaps the most admirable element of Glover’s style is the risks is he takes.

At Rihanna’s 4th Annual Diamond Ball in September, Glover broke one of the biggest rules in menswear when he went shirtless under a double-breasted Dior suit.

Did it look good anyway? Absolutely.

2. Ryan Gosling

Gosling is a master of both street style and formalwear; effortlessly blending bold prints and monochrome suits.

His penchant for ’70s style sweaters and jewellery earn him a place near the pinnacle of this year’s INSIDER best-dressed list.

Admittedly, some of his looks are hard to pull off if you’re not… well, Ryan Gosling.

Model David Gandy told GQ: “Ryan has the rare charm, looks, and style of Hollywood greats such as Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. He has an effortless dress sense that never looks overstyled and anything he wears looks instantly cool.”

1. Jeff Goldblum

Andreas Rentz / Getty ImagesJeff Goldblum is INSIDER’s best-dressed man of 2018.

First place was a surprising no-brainer for 2018.

Jeff Goldblum has undergone a fashion renaissance that has captured the imagination of fashion writers around the world, culminating in seemingly infinite numbers of headline-stealing outfits this year.

The secret to the gently gesticulating silver fox’s fashion elevation is his stylist, Andrew T. Vottero, whom he met on a shoot with GQ in 2014.

“I wish somebody like you would just come to my closet and tell me what to throw away,” he supposedly told the magazine’s styling team at the time. Vottero did, and they have been “in cahoots” ever since.

If it means more outfits like the ones we’ve seen this year, long may the Vottero-Goldblum partnership reign.

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