The 23 Most Interesting Pieces Of Romney And Obama Campaign Swag

romney campaign merch

One excellent way to raise money for a campaign is to operate a campaign store.

This allows campaigns to identify interested and committed voters, and acquire their information to call later for additional funds.

Even more, they can get away with charging $30 for a mediocre tee shirt, while also cementing their brand. 

We went through the Obama and Romney campaign shops to find some of the most interesting items in stock.

These were either well done and unexpected merchandise, interesting spins on classic merch, or just plain strange things for sale. 

Either way, take a look at what you can find in the Obama and Romney stores. 

The Mitt Romney Tie Pin

Want to show off your support for Romney on your tie?

The best way to do it is with the 'R' Tie Pin, going for a cool $15.

Obama Cufflinks

'A subtle way to display you 2012 pride,' these cuff links are imprinted with the Obama logo.

They're regularly priced at $40, but now sells for $30.

The Romney campaign believes that 'hardworking mums all over the country' drive the economy, and is selling the 'sporty, chic' tee for $30 at the Romney website.

For $30, you can own this 'bold statement' tee, featuring a vintage-style Romney logo and an American eagle design.

The Obama Basketball Jersey

Normally $95, you can score this limited edition 2 ply tricot mesh jersey for just $75 these days.

The back of the jersey has '44' as the number in large typeset, referring to Obama's status as the 44th president of the United States.

The Romney Super Fan Tee

'Show friends or strangers that you're a Super Fan by sporting this 100% cotton, slim fit, electric blue t-shit,' says the store.

It was designed 'exclusively for our most passionate supporters' and goes for $30.

It's a far cry from Obama's Hope poster, but if you feel like your walls need more Mitt, you can get this 18' x 24' illustrated poster for $20, perfect for 'your dorm room or office.'

Believe in America Mitt Illustration Poster

A riff on Mitt 'Jobs' illustration, you can get this poster for $20 as well.

The site says it's a great way to 'get inspired and show your support for Mitt Romney.'

Cup of Joe Mug

Get it?

The Biden coffee cup goes for $22.50.

Made in the USA mug

It's impossible to get an Obama/Biden coffee cup without a pun on it.

The Made in the USA has a copy of the Obama birth certificate on one side and a picture of the president on the other

The Obama Biden Wine Tote Bag

Spread your support for Obama with the Obama-Biden beverage tote bag, perfect for carrying beverages in a wine bottle-shaped container from the store or to a party. The tote sells for $20.

Knit Obama Dog Sweater

'This adorable Obama dog sweater will keep your furry friend feeling cozy and stylish,' according to the site.

Coming in various sizes for medium and large sized dogs, the sweater goes for $35.

Ann Romney Photo Button

For just $3, show your support for Mitt's wife with an Ann Romney Photo button.

The Joe Biden Can Holder

This beer cozy adorned with the visage of the Vice President saying 'Cheers Champ' is available for the $10 from the official Obama store.

'The Vice President's got you covered. Literally.'

Want to show your support for the Republican candidate but can't find anything to go with your evening wear? This $20 'R' pendant 'complements any outfit.'

The R2 Lapel Pin

'The perfect accessory for your work or campaign outfits,' the R2 Lapel pin goes for $8

Gold Michelle Obama Pin

With 'over 230 genuine Czech crystal rhinestones' hand set in a silver tone alloy metal with a 14K Gold finish, the Gold Michelle Obama pin is certainly sure to draw attention.

Get it for $35.

The blue shirt has a gigantic, black and white photo of Romney and Ryan on the front.

You can score one for $30 at the Romney store.

Playing off of the hot-mic line Biden whispered to the President right before he signed the healthcare reform bill, this tee goes for $30.

'The perfect fit for the young Mitt supporter in your life,' the onesies go for $20.12 and are available in sky blue, pink,and white.

The Bo Obama D.I.Y Tee for Kids

The tee shirt comes with markers and a pattern highlighting Bo Obama, the President's Portugese water dog.

The unfinished tee shirt for kids sells for $30.

Obama Martini Glass Set

These 8 oz martini glasses come two to a set and are imprinted with the Obama logo. A set is $30.

These two are pretty good at making money.

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