The 23 Best Business Articles On Wikipedia


Cognitively aware people tend to have one of two distinct reactions to Wikipedia. One is to laugh it off for all its many flaws. The other is amazement at Wikipedia’s incredible store of human knowledge, with an even-handed recognition of its many errors.

We tend to fall in the second camp, which is why we thought you might like to see Wikipedia’s top 23 “featured” business articles. Wikipedia’s “featured” articles are hand-picked by the site’s volunteer editors for their “accuracy, neutrality, completeness, and style.”

Maybe you’re in the first camp and we’re wrong. If so, sorry.

If you’re not, read up:

  • €2 commemorative coins
  • Actuary
  • BAE Systems
  • William Barley
  • Demand Note
  • Dime (United States coin)
  • Economy of the Han Dynasty
  • Economy of India
  • Economy of the Iroquois
  • Elderly Instruments
  • FairTax
  • Harold Innis
  • Idlewild and Soak Zone
  • Madman Muntz
  • New Orleans Mint
  • Octopus card
  • Oliver Typewriter Company
  • Panic of 1907
  • Second Malaysia Plan
  • Slate industry in Wales
  • Edgar Speyer
  • Tulip mania
  • United Kingdom corporation tax

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