The 21 Club Is About To Be Way More Party Ready

21 club nyc

Wall Street loves the 21 Club, and the 21 Club loves Wall Street right back, so the new renovations that the classic restaurant is about to finish should be a major hit all around.

Come labour Day, The New York Times reports, the club will be finished revamping its collection of private rooms right on schedule.

Private parties make up over half of the restaurant’s $18 million revenue, but before this $1.5 million upgrade, their rooms were this awkward L- shape.

Now you’ll have more space to mingle. And just an FYI, the project uncovered some pretty cool stuff about the 100+ year-old building:

From the New York Times:

Construction, which started in late June, is transforming the old Puncheon Room and a space that was called the Main Dining Room… into a new rectangular room that will have 10-foot-high, original floor-to-ceiling windows. The new, 180-seat Puncheon Room will also be able to be truncated, using a removable wall, into a dining room called the Gallery, overlooking West 52nd Street.

The renovation has required the removal of structural columns and walls, and the age of the three 19th-century townhouses from which the restaurant was cobbled together — Nos. 17, 19 and 21 West 52nd Street — have caused some construction agita. There was, for example, that plastered-over hidden door, discovered when the crew was taking down the wall between two of the buildings.

We can only imagine all the cool stuff that was used for.

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