The 2012 Presidential Campaign Started This Weekend, And Ron Paul Is In The Lead

Ron Paul

Congratulations to anti-Fed, libertarian Congressman Ron Paul, who just won the first “primary” of the 2012 election!

Well, technically it wasn’t a primary, it was a straw poll held at CPAC, the huge conservative convention that’s been going on the last few days.

In the straw poll, Paul easily whipped second-place finisher Mitt Romney — the former PE chief and liberal Massachusetts governor, who’s trying to ride Scott Brown’s coattails to a second chance at his party’s Presidential nomination.

Of course, this was a narrow field — only CPAC attendees were eligible for the vote (no Sarah Palin this year) — and only 25% of attendees voted. But still!

Meanwhile, the 2012 re-election is in full swing on the Democratic side. Already there’s chatter about someone from the left trying to primary Barack Obama, and on this morning’s Chris Matthews show, he even asked whether Obama is 100% running for re-election (frankly that seems to absurd to contemplate, though it makes for good TV).

Here we go.

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