The 20 Worst Suburbs In Australia For Mortgage Delinquency

Generally the number of those behind in their mortgage payments is down across Australia, reflecting low interest rates and smaller payments.

Fitch Ratings says delinquencies across Australia were at 1.25% at September 30, down from 1.45% at 31 March 2013

This is below the six-year average of 1.52% but still above the 1.20% at September 30 in 2012.

These are the worst performing postcodes in Australia when it comes to the number of mortgage deliquencies:

Nine of the 20 worst-performing postcodes by value of delinquencies are in New South Wales, four of them in South West and Western Sydney. The remaining five are in north of Central Coast (1) and outside Greater Sydney (4).

By value of mortgages Surfers Paradise is the worst in Australia with a 30+ days delinquency rate of 4%.

By region, Sydney’s lower north shore has the least deliquencies, followed by South East Inner Brisbane, Northern Middle Melbourne and Central Metropolitan Perth.

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